Field of Elephants

This is my present work-in-progress. I like how this has a simple palette (which is good because I feel like there’s a lot of stuff going on otherwise). There is a sense of tranquility. At the same time, emphasis is on the main character.

Part of me likes it as it is.

field of elephants

Present state.

…But part of me is thinking about introducing color and wasnt sure how to proceed.

Having discussed this problem w/Charlotte and Ben last weekend at tea time, I thought it was important to maintain a consistent character identity by having her wear the same color outfit throughout. So this is my attempt. By abruptly introducing this yellow, does it feel weird to anyone? It almost feels as if the whole character needs color treatment, as well.

Consistent character identity with yellow outfit.

The following are ideas I’ve been playing around with on Photoshop. What do you think? I’m thinking about introducing more color into the mix. Is it too much? Too distracting? Or does it work? Do I even need it? Does it take away from the story? Internal conflict: I’m really trying hard not to do the rainbow thing because I think that’s what makes my work weaker. There’s a part of me that really wants to though… Should I restrain myself?

Playing around with color. This is my favorite one.

Playing around w/another color.

Still playing.


Update: 25Jan2013: After some genius advice from July, I tried gray, which I finally used for my portfolio:



3 thoughts on “Field of Elephants

  1. Yes! See my update. I used gray and I like it overall. Except I think the texture is a little too crazy. My execution could have been a little more controlled. Thanks for the brilliant tip.

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