After a class at Kala learning mokuhanga, I have two prints where the images actually line up. I used 4 blocks which took about 16 hours of back-breaking carving. As painful as it was for me, it was just the meditation I needed. Originally, this design was meant to be a mother’s day gift to all my girls who are mommies. But of course I was too perfectionist and undisciplined to make it in time. Maybe they’ll get digital prints…

On the first day of class, of course I didnt have a design ready. So I scrambled in my sketchbook for any potential doodles I could re-purpose.

Initial doodle found in sketchbook.

From the doodle, I formed a design, which eventually got carved into a key block:

Key Block

I used this key block image and played w/color palette a lot on PS before printing. The printing itself was very tricky. I used a messy combination of watercolor, gauche and Akua Kolor. The paper always dried way too quickly. The following 2 prints are my most lined up and saturated ones. Still lots more work before I get one to a point where I am happy with it.


3 thoughts on “mokuhanga

  1. Thanks Charlotte 🙂 It was so much work to get these. For every successful print, there are 6 crappy ones… practice, practice I guess.

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