Surface Matters

I was about to take out the recycle, when this came to mind: “I wonder what I can do with throw-away cardboard?” Then it turned into a whole project. I dug up an old drawing I started months ago. I liked the idea, but I hated the execution. So I thought of a way to apply it to this throw-away. After I was happy with my revision, I did a: “Before I do the actual illustration, let me experiment with the surface (crappy cardboard) first.” And this is what came out of that:

It’s actually super small, the width of a two school rulers. I jazzed it up with some japanese patterns. I always like things that start out as “I’m not going to take this seriously. This is just practice.” ….way more than the ones that took planning and thought, draft after draft of sketches:

This was actually my obsessive doodle of the week. The first attempt on the cardboard turned out to be terrible, because I was using a new pen and the surface was also new (and crappy) to me. This image has been altered in PS to better contrast the lines and colors, because the surface was so dark (and crappy).

I like the idea of creative re-use… I just hate crappy surfaces. Every time I added a wash of color, the cardboard’s texture reminded me of dropping a box of cereal …on the ground …in the rain. It turned out better than I expected.  I might even clean up the presentation and put it in Riley’s room.


***** UPDATE 12Sept2012 *****

Ok so the last drawing w/the kite drove me crazy. So I did another one which did end up in Riley’s room.



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