Wiped out

While randomly surfing, I realized that Precita Eyes is holding a new workshop to paint over this mural. I worked on it with a bunch of other artists back in 2008 thru Precita Eyes.



This image is not very recent, because there was graffiti all over it last time I drove by. I suppose that just painting over it would be much less work than cleaning the graffiti. Although I rarely visit the mural, knowing that it will be wiped out soon brings me a sense of loss and nostalgia. That’s why I’m documenting it.

The part where there’s a comic book w/the pirate sailing on the waves, a pop-up shark at the top, and a girl scuba-diving is me 🙂 I even wrote a Chinese proverb (in Chinese) in the comic book area. Although I cant take credit for the giant pirate ship, the fiery book dragon (not in this image), or the giant tree (also not in this image) with a rainbow of books, I love those parts as well. The theme was literacy/reading/books. This wall is located at the edge of Borderlands bookstore near Mission + 19th.


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