Snail-mail holiday love.

The weather gets colder and I am reminded it’s time to keep in touch with friends and family, far and near. I like to make little notecards to send out over the holidays. This year I stuck with Porcupette Piddy + Honey the Cat, who I’m obviously still kind of attached to. I came up with a bunch of ideas, some were lousier than others. Then Issa helped me narrow it down to 2. He’s good at cutting thru the bullshit.

So I went with the “sandy snowman” on the beach:


Working on the back side,  I tried to tell a story with the 2 sides of the postcard, express my sentiment, and make a space for writing my hello message. The drawing style is slightly more careful. Oh well. I tried to make both illustrations as consistent as I could.


The printing from Inkworks Press came out overall successfully. I spotted some mistakes here and there. But nothing earth-shattering. They didnt have a lot of choices in paper, so I faked the card texture with PS.


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