Thorny Like Me

Finally, I made a tiny progress with Porcupette’s journey. Is there an order? Does the image come before the story? Or the other way around? I have been trying to get the story right for a long time, thereby neglecting the image. Last week I just had to go for it. I worked on the image without the full story. Eeek.

I’ve resolved it’s ok to jump back and forth. I might have to abandon this image one day when it doesnt match the story. Having accepted that possibility, that’s when I could really go for it. I guess letting-go is a necessary part of moving forward.


Piddy walks closer to the glow of commotion. A nocturnal showcase of peculiar thorny creatures were on display. An exhibit for all the local mouse-folk! Piddy felt an uncontrollable admiration for the quiet explosions of red under the moonlight, but more strangely, a tickle of pride within herself.

I am not totally happy with this image. I meant for it to be more graphic. But it just ended up being really messy. What am I missing? What works? What doesn’t?


3 thoughts on “Thorny Like Me

  1. I like the depth you added in the background! The one thing I would change is making it less dark so that the roses pop. If that can’t be done, I’d make a few of the roses an even brighter red so that they stand out :). Great work!

  2. i didnt realize piddy was even in the picture until i gave it a closer look. Perhaps make her pop with some color and detail?

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