The Great Turtle

Issa and I went to the beach and had creative hour. (Well, more like creative 20 minutes.) During that time I wrote a lot of boring stuff, but at some point, stream of consciousness hit and this is what happened:

A great turtle sat by the creek. Frann sees the great turtle hurt. Next to it was a giant egg. The great turtle seemed unaffected by the loud commotion caused by Frann. She was so hurt, maybe about to die. “How can I help?” asked Frann. The turtle smiled weakly at her. “Take this egg and take it to the edge of the beach.” Before Frann knew what it was for, she realized the great turtle had stopped moving.

Dont ask me where the *F* this came from…. A week later, I illustrated this blurb for show and tell with The Picturesques. The contents of the drawing are a bit different from the original word sketch. I’ve been slowly mulling over it for the whole week. Trying to exercise some discipline by taking an hour in the mornings before work to play with it, bit by bit. This is how it’s going so far:


The original is actually a lot more yellow/greenish. I had to tweak the color balance on PS for it to be less monochromatic. I’m not sure what to do about the white space behind the little girl. I’m afraid to mess it up. Is there anything that doesnt make sense? What do you think?


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