Magic Tea Party

The 2nd visit to Dr Sketchy’s proved to be painfully hard to simply get to. The wind cut like a knife. The paranoia of germs passed around was enough to keep me confined to my room. And of course, the Bart ride to 24th St is no cupcake. In spite of all the voices that were saying “just skip it and go home”…  there was an even louder voice that said “quit whining and go already.”

I braved the elements, only to be greeted by an extremely grouchy ticket-seller. Luckily, Charlotte arrived just minutes after me, making my journey to Chez Poulet 100% more enjoyable. I even scribbled a little with her fancy pen. I hadnt thought she would be surprised at my trusty drawing tool: the stick from a tree! It was fun to get a peak of each other’s process.

I realize I need to arrive earlier and get a good seat, so I can focus on details like hands and face. Stepping closer to the stage, I realized that there was a lot of detail in her props. Sitting far kinda sucks. All I could appreciate from back there was the giant yellow cake she was sitting on. As you can see, I was so disinterested in some of the poses, that I just stared at her butt for 10 minutes. I showed Charlotte, and she is encouraging: “It’s a nice butt.”

Some of these drawings were a little enhanced at home. Can you spot my experimentation with collage?


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